No contract extension with Real Madrid

I have been asked a lot lately why I did not pick up the, without a doubt attractive, contract extension offer from Real. Actually the answer is rather simple, even though there will be some people who might have a different view: for me personally professional soccer is way more than winning titles or making money. Both is important and fun, do not get me wrong, but new and challenging endeavors are what fascinate me as a person.

I do not have the words to describe my time with Real Madrid. One of the greatest organizations in all of soccer located in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. With a very professional work ethic inside the organization and unbelievably enthusiastic but also demanding fan base. To play for Real in Madrid for 5 years will always be one of the most intense periods of my life! Working with outstanding coaches, playing with future legends of the game and giving everything you have for those fans while winning titles is, in the true meaning of the word, ‘galactic’! I will honor my contract with Real with all I have down to the very last minute. For me this is also truly a point of honor, even though todays “business practices in our sport” do not make that always easy. After that I will move on to a new and exciting challenge. However Real Madrid will always have that major spot in my heart! Hala Madrid!